About Datarealm

Datarealm was founded by three University of Pennsylvania students back in 1995. They were able to start the company due to the emergence of a new operating system called "Linux" that provided them a secure reliable operating system at virtually no cost. We were there for the remarkable upswing that the industry saw during 1998-2000, as well as the downturn when the "bubble" burst. We're still standing tall many years later, and are all the wiser.

Going forward, we are looking to expand and improve the services that we offer. As long as we can keep our current customers happy -- we've done our job. We may never be the largest hosting company, but we may very well be the best.

Our Network

Tier 1 Blended Bandwidth

Best in class hosting requires best in class bandwidth -- anything else would leave you short. At Datarealm we focus on providing stellar hosting services. We do not lose focus on our strengths by trying to operate our own backbone. Instead, we went out and located the top carriers for our clients. Our IP bandwidth is a multi-homed blend of the Tier 1 providers including one of the top international carriers to ensure that no matter where your visitors may be located, they will never have an issue reaching your servers:

  • AboveNet
  • Level3
  • TeliaSonera
  • CenturyLink
  • Cogent


Nothing is perfect. This is a lesson we've learned quite well in our 19 years of working with all manner of hosting technology. So - to combat this we have made everything redundant. Our CTO is fond of saying: "If one is good, and two is great, three is just right." And that philosophy shows in the design of our Datacenters:

Located in Phoenix, AZ we are in one of the most geographically sound environments in the country (and 320 days a year of sunshine does not hurt!). With virtually no risk from natural disasters, and SSAE-16 Type II certification, our facility is the ideal location for your mission critical infrastructure.

Electrical Power Redundancy

Redundant 12MW commercial power is fed to our N+1 UPS systems which are rated for a MINIMUM of 5 minutes at 100% load. In the event of total loss of commercial power we have two 1.75MW and seven 2.00MW Caterpillar generators ready to fire at a seconds notice. A minimum of 48 hrs fuel supply is stored onsite, and generators are tested weekly in addition to following a strict routine maintenance policy.

Fire and Smoke Detection Systems

HSSD/Laser provides an early detection system and interlocked pre-action dry pipe will quickly suppress any fire at its source.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

HVAC systems include chilled-water based systems and capabilities to control humidity as well as air makeup. The Environmental Systems include redundant 3,000 ton chilled water plants with 38,000 gallons of onsite backup storage and diverse water feeds. Ultrasonic humidification and high-efficiency CRAH air handlers ensure optimal conditionals on the datacenter floor at all times.

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