Not your mother's cloud
Datarealm's cloud servers and advanced virtual networking can be combined to create massive systems in just minutes and with minimal effort. We have also packed our cloud hosting infrastructure with the tools that clients need:

  • Instant Cloud Server Deployment
  • Guaranteed System Resources
  • High Availability (automatic failover and recovery)
  • Hourly Billing
  • Full Root Access
  • Load Balancer
  • VPN
  • Web Based Console Access
  • Create your own system templates
  • Schedule Snapshots
  • Shareable Data Volumes
  • Resize Data Volumes
  • Hybrid SSD Storage SAN
  • Multiple Public IP Addresses
  • Choice of OS with more to come
  • Access to our 20 years of hosting experience.... (priceless)

When logging into the cloud server management interface, you are presented with your account dashboard. At a glance you can see the status of all the cloud servers within your virtual network.

After you log in for the first time, one of the first tasks you will want to accomplish is launching a new cloud server. This is an extremely easy task. From your browser just follow the guided steps, making selections such as what operating system template to use along the way, and your cloud server will be online in minutes!

Datarealm's cloud has EXTREMELY powerful networking features built right into it. All of our cloud servers share their own private network. Use the network screen to setup firewall rules for your IP addresses and port forwarding to each of your cloud servers. You can also use this screen to configure the included load balancer to share workload amongst multiple cloud servers within your private network. Are you a security freak? Lock down access by configuring VPN access!

Volume management offers many useful and time saving features. From existing volumes you can create snapshots (instant backups), and even schedule routine snapshots to be taken. For extremely important data, go ahead and download volumes and/or snapshots to store on your own computer. If you need additional storage you can create a new data disk or resize an existing one. You can even detach and move data disks between your cloud servers.
Tweaking out a system to your own likes and needs can take some time, and no one likes to repeat the process. Once your first cloud server is configured the way you like, use it to create your own system template. The next time you need a new cloud server, use your customized template and the system will launch ready to use. This can be an incredible time saving resource!


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