Traceroute (Windows)

What is a traceroute?

Running a traceroute



What is a traceroute?


A traceroute verifies the route that data travels across the internet. It is used as a diagnostic tool to find the location of a possible network breakdown. If you are having problems accessing your website or with email, a quick traceroute can verify the source of the problem.



Running a Traceroute



1) Open the Start Menus and select All Programs


2) From the Accessories menu select MS-DOS Prompt (Win9x) or Command Prompt (WinNT/2000/XP+)


3) At the C:> prompt type: tracert


4) Press return.


This will start a traceroute to Any places where there are timeouts (indicated by a "*") there is a network problem. If you email us a copy of the traceroute, we should be able to diagnose any problems that you are having.



Please note that all trace requests will eventually time out at our router as our firewall is designed to block all trace traffic there. We are more interested in seeing everything between you and us.

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