Using the Secure Certificate

Instructions to secure your scripts and webpages using our secure certificate.


Please note: The script you are using to process information must handle the information in a secure manner. Using the secure server to call an insecure script (eg: FormMail) does not automatically make the script secure.


What the secure certificate does

How to call files through Datarealm's shared secure certificate

Setting up your own Secure certificate



What the secure certificate does


The secure certificate encrypts all communication between a visitors browser and the server itself. It is used primarily to prevent anyone from intercepting data that is submitted to the server via a browser form. However, it does not do anything to protect the information once it is on the server. The script/program that handles the form processing, must be designed to protect the information once it reaches the server.



How to call files through Datarealm's shared secure server



To call files in your account so that the browser-server communication is encrypted, use the following URL method:


Where your_username is your Datarealm account username and path/to/file.html is the directory location and file name in question.


So, for example, lets say your username is "bob_smith" and you want to call the following form page through the secure server -  


The "order.html" file is in a folder called "store", so the secure url would look like this -


The above url begins with https. Continues with the default Datarealm secure certificate host name, followed by your account username, and the location and name of the file you with to view securely.


If you have any questions about how to generate these secure urls, please let us know!




Setting up your own Secure certificate


If you would like to set up a secure certificate that uses your own domain name, we can order a certificate for you. For more information regarding the costs of a secure certificate, please contact our support staff.

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