Installing and Using the Agora Shopping Cart

Instruction on how to install the Agora Shopping Cart, as well as links to the Agora support forums.


What is Agora?

How do I install Agora?

Support for Agora



What is Agora?


Agora is an open source shopping cart program written in the perl scripting language. It is a powerful shopping cart tool, but it is best suited for online stores with less complex requirements. Much more information can be found at the project's home page:



How do I install Agora?


To install Agora into your account take the following steps:


1) Connect to your account control panel at:

2) Click the Website Tools tab at the top of the page

3) Click the Basic Shopping Cart item for the menu on the left side of the page. On the following page you specify the installation details:


Use Domain Name -  If your account has more than one domain, specify the domain name that the store will be installed under. 


Install Agora into this directory - Choose the directory that you want to install the commerce software into. Typically most customers choose 'shop' or 'store' under their chosen domain name, but any folder name is acceptable. If the folder does not exist yet, the installation script will create the folder. 


Administrator username - Agora includes an account management interface to control your inventory and other store settings. It uses this login to protect the interface from prying eyes. This should not be the same as your account username, and should not include any commerce related words (eg: moneymaker).


Administrator password - To get the maximum level of security of your store, we recommend making the password as random as possible. 


Import Sample Data - If you are just getting started with Agora, we highly recommend that you install the sample data. It will allow you to see a wide range of the store's features without having to do any data entry. These items can easily be deleted from your store's inventory later when you are ready to enter your items.



4) Click the Install Basic Shopping Cart submit button at the bottom of the page and your store will be created.



 Support for Agora


If your Agora store isn't working properly, we'll be happy to work with you to make sure that it will run properly. However, beyond our help there are may resources available to help you with your Agora installation. All of these links are not affiliated with Datarealm in any way.


Basic User Manual:

Tips and Tricks:

Free user forum:

Authorized Solution Providers:

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