Removing WordPress From Your Hosting Account

If you are no longer utilizing your WordPress installation, the best course of action is to remove it from your hosting account. Removing the WordPress core installation is the best way to prevent the older, out of date software from being a security liability.


The great news is that removing WordPress is even easier than installing it in the first place! 


Please note, if you would like to make a backup of ALL of your WordPress data before you remove your installation, please see the following page.  Otherwise, proceed with the following steps - 


1) Connect to your account control panel at:



2) Select the WebSite Tools tab. 



3) In the left hand menu, you will see the option for Blogging Software. Please click that. 



4) On the next page you will see the following -


wp admin view


To remove your WordPress installation, please click in the check box below Remove.



IMPORTANT - You will not be asked to confirm your choice. Once you have clicked to remove Wordpress, all of the associated site files will be removed from your hosting account.



5) Now click the yellow button that says Remove WordPress Instances - 


WP remove



That’s it!

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