Updating your WordPress Dashboard Password

Through the DashBoard


Using the Automatic Emailer


Via PhpMyAdmin

Through your WordPress Dashboard

If you are still able to access your WordPress Dashboard, then the quickest way to update your password is to log in and follow these steps :

1) On the main Dashboard page, select Users from the left hand menu -



Select All Users.

2) Look for username you wish to up date the password for. In most cases you may only have one username listed. It is "admin" by default, but you may have selected a different username when you installed WordPress. Mouse-over that username and click to Edit.

3) On this new Profile screen, scroll down and look for the two Password boxes.

4) Enter your desired password twice and note the strength indicator -

dash img

5) When you have the password you want typed in twice, click Update Profile

Your new password takes effect immediately!

Using the Automatic Emailer

If you have lost your WordPress password, you can use the Automatic Emailer to assign a new password so you can regain access. To use this feature, follow the steps below :

1) Go to your WordPress login screen (for example http://yourdomain.com/blog/wp-login.php). You will see the following -

email img

2) Click on Lost your password.

3) You will be taken to a page and asked to enter your WordPress username OR email address.

4) Click Get New Password.  A message will be sent to the email address on file.

5) Wait a few moments, retrieve the email, and follow the link contained within. You will see a page like this -

email img

6) Enter your desired password twice and note the strength indicator.

7) Click Rest Password.

8) That's it!

Using PhpMyAdmin

Two notes before beginning -

Please be extremely careful when using PhpMyAdmin. This interface directly affects your MySQL database and all of the content of your WordPress site. If you feel unsure about this process, please consider one of the above options or feel free to contact support for assistance!

In addition to being able to update your WordPress passwords with PhpMyAdmin, you can also update the email addresses associated with any WordPress profile. This is helpful if the specified email address is invalid and you can not use the Automatic Emailer for password resets.

To use PhpMyAdmin to alter your WordPress profile info, please follow the instructions below :

1) Please log in to PhpMyAdmin here, https://secure.datarealm.com/phpMyAdmin/.  You will see the following screen -

db img

Please note that you will be asked to specify three pieces of information :

          Your MySQL username - This is the same as your hosting account username; the same username you would use to access your /admin.

          Your MySQL password - This is your MySQL password. This may not be the same password you use to access your /admin. This password was created the first time a MySQL database was added to your hosting account. In many cases this would have been part of your WordPress installation, but not necessarily. This password can be found within the wp-config.php file. If you need help determining this password, please contact support.

          The Server Choice - IMPORTANT, please be sure to select mysql5.datarealm.com from the drop down menu.

Once you have entered these three values, click Go to proceed.

2) You are now logged in to PhpMyAdmin! The next step is to select the WordPress database from the list in the left hand column. In many cases, but not all, this will be the only db listed (please ignore the listing for "information_schema"). Your WordPress database will have a name beginning with the prefix "wp_". Click on this database name.

3) You should now see a list of tables in your WordPress db. It will look something like this -

db img

4) Select the Users table (highlighted in the above graphic).

5) Now on the right hand screen you will see a series of tabs beginning with Browse -

db img

Select the Browse tab.

6) On the next screen, you will see listing for any or all WordPress profiles. In most cases, you will see just a single profile. By default this is the "admin" profile. Pick the profile you wish to update and scan for the small icon that looks like a pencil -  db img - Click it!



7) On this screen you will see a series of text fields which you can alter. Focus on the following -



db img


If all you need to do is update the WordPress password, you will only be altering the "User_pass" field. First under "Function" you will select "MD5" (This is selected in the graphic above). You will then need to delete the long string of characters in the "Value" section and replace it with your desired password (in the above graphic, this text field is already blank).

8) Once you have selected MD5 and entered your desired password, Click the Go button to submit your new password.

And that's it! Your password will be reset instantly.

A final note - if you wanted to update the email address associated with a specific WordPress profile, this would be the screen in which to do so. Just alter the "user_email" value and click Go.


If you have any questions or problem using PhpMyAdmin, please contact us!

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