How to login to the admin Control Panel

How to access your /admin Control Panel

Possible problems



How to access your /admin Control Panel


You can access your Account Control Panel through your favorite web browser. In the address bar type enter your domain name followed by /admin.


For example - Or you can use this simple address -


Either address will bring up the /admin login page :


Username - In the "Username" field enter your account user name . This is the same username you use for FTP access to your account. This field is case sensitive, which means that you must match the capitalization of your account username.


Password - In the "Password" field, enter your account password. This is the same password you use for FTP access to your account. This field is case sensitive, so if your password is "PaSSwoRD" using "password" will fail.


Remember Username - If you want to save on some typing when you return to the admin, clicking this box will set a cookie on your computer that holds your account username.


If you put in the proper information, you will be granted access to the Control Panel. For more information on what you can do in the /admin, please see: Control Panel Overview




Possible Problems

 - If you have lost your password, the help link for the password (the little yellow question mark), will provide you with a link to use the password reset page. This will email time sensitive instructions to the billing contact of the account.


- If your account is brand new, your domain may not have been created or transferred yet. If this case, please try to log in to:


- If you are unsure of both the username and password for the account please contact our support staff, and they will assist you.

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