Installing FrontPage Extensions

Install, and troubleshoot, the FrontPage extensions in your account.


What are FrontPage extensions?

Installing the extensions

Files used by FrontPage





What are FrontPage extensions?


If you are using the Microsoft FrontPage program to create your website you will want to enable the FrontPage Server Extensions for you account. FrontPage Extensions allow your FrontPage program's publish function to work as well as allowing FrontPage components such as forms, counters, and discussion boards to function properly.




Installing the extensions


We currently support FrontPage 2002 Extensions which will work for the 2000, and 2002 versions of Microsoft FrontPage (though there are some limits on the what you can do with the 2002 version). To install the extensions:


1) Connect to your account control panel at:


2) Click the Tools tab at the top of the page


3) Select the FrontPage Extensions item from the tools submenu on the left side of the page


4) In the Install FrontPage Extensions section, select the domain that you want to install FrontPage on, and enter a username and password that you want to use when you publish with FrontPage.


5) Click Update FrontPage Settings, and the extensions will be installed within 15 minutes. You can now publish with FrontPage.



Files used by FrontPage


Once you have installed the FrontPage Extensions you will see several new folders and files listed within your account. Please do not alter of remove any of these files as doing so will compromise your ability to publish using your FrontPage program and cause certain features of your FrontPage produced site to cease functioning. All of the FrontPage extensions are contained within the following folders:


  • _vti_bin
  • _vti_cnf
  • _vti_log
  • _vti_pvt
  • _vti_txt
  • _borders
  • _derived
  • _fpclass
  • _overlay
  • _private
  • _themes


Additionally there are three important FrontPage files in the main directory of your account:


  • .htaccess
  • _vti_inf.html
  • postinfo.html
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