Transferring a Domain's DNS to Datarealm

How to transfer your domain's DNS from another hosting provider to Datarealm.


Determining the Registrar

Datarealm's DNS Information




Determining the Registrar


The first thing you need to do is determine the registrar for your domain name. The registrar holds the 'whois' information on your domain name, including the DNS, and you can only change it by contacting them. 


If you are not sure who your domain's current registrar is, you can see this information as part of the domain's 'whois' record. You can see 'whois' results for your domain by doing a look up here -


Once you have determined your registrar, you can go to their website, login, and change your DNS entries to be Datarealm's (below). After you have received a confirmation of this change from your registrar, email with your domain name and your account username and we'll make sure everything is set up!




Datarealm's DNS Information


When you contact your registrar to change your DNS information, you will probably only need the names of the servers, and not the IP addresses.


Primary Name Server - (

Secondary Name Server - (



Please let us know if you have any questions about this process!

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