What subdomains are, how to set them up, and their associated costs.


What is a Subdomain?

What does a subdomain Cost?

How to create a Subdomain

What is a Subdomain?


A subdomain, or second-level domain, is a web address that is built off of a top level domain. So for example is the top level domain is, then a subdomain based on it might be



What does a Subdomain Cost?


There are two types of subdomains: Subdomains that point to a folder in your account, and subdomains that point to an address outside of our hosting services. Subdomains that point to folders in your account cost $3/month. This monthly fee covers the IP address assigned to your new host name.  Subdomains that point to outside locations are free.



How to create a Subdomain



To set up a subdomain on your account take the following steps:


1) Connect to your account control panel at:


2) Click the Domains tab at the top of the page


3) Click the Subdomains item for the menu on the left side of the page


4) Click the gray Add Subdomain to... button for the domain you want to use. On the following page you will have to add the information for the subdomain:


Subdomain Name - This is the text that will appear before the domain in question.

Directory - This allows you to point the subdomain to a specific folder in your account (eg: If the directory doesn't exist, we will create it for you.

Outside Address - Point the subdomain to an IP address or domain name that is outside of our system.


5) Click the Create Subdomain(s) submit button at the bottom of the page and your subdomains will be created within an hour.



That's it! If you have any questions, please let us know!

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