Additional Domain Names

Details on the costs and services associated with adding additional domain names to your account.


Additional Domain Services

Additional Domain Costs

Adding and/or Registering an Additional Domain





Additional Domain Services


The additional domain will resolve to the same website that your main domain name does. All of the services that apply to your first domain name, such as email aliases and POP accounts, will be shared with your additional domain names. These services for your additional domain names will be accessed in the same that you use for your first domain name. There is no limit to the number of domains that you can point at your account. If you'd like to point domain names to folders within your account please email



Costs of Additional Domain Names

For the services associated with the domain name, you will be charged $3/month for each additional domain beyond your quota. If you choose to register your domain through Datarealm, our domain registration fee a mere $20/year.



Registering a new Domain Name


You can register a new domain name beginning from our home page, Scroll down and look for the "Sign up" heading. Click "Register a Domain" or you can use this direct link.


If you want to add your new domain to an exciting account, make sure to move forward by selecting "No hosting". If you want to host the domain on a new account, you can click to "Add Hosting" in the second step.


If you want to register the domain using the credit card details you currently have on file, on step three, you can switch to the "Existing Customer" tab and proceed by logging in to the billing/clients area for your account. If you are not sure about this email address and password combination, contact billing or support and we can assist you with you login details.


Once your domains are registered, if it's what you desire, we can add them to your existing hosting account. Please let us know what username to associate the new domain or domains with. To do so, email

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