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This document covers the layout of the /admin Control Panel and an overview of the features that it offers.

What is the /admin Control Panel?
Account Info
Web Stats
Website Tools



What is the /admin Control Panel?


The /admin control panel is a set of on-line tools that allow you to control many aspects of your account. Please read on to get a better understanding the wide array of tools that the control panel provides you.



The control panel is broken up into 3 frames, like so:

admin layout


Frame 1 - Holds the main menu

Frame 2 -  Changes to reflect the selection from Frame 1

Frame 3 -  Changes based on your selections from Frame 2




Account Info



The account info menu is for general account options : 


Account Overview - A brief overview of your account. Holds a link to a full account overview that details all of your account info.

Change Password - Change the password for your account.

Webmaster Contact - Contact information for the designer/administrator of the account.

Disk Space Quota -  Set how much disk space your account needs.

Web / Email Disk Ratio - Configure how your disk space is used.

Data Transfer Quota -  Set your bandwidth limit.

Secure Form Submissions - Retrieve secure results from our SecureForm script.



Manage anything and everything that has to do with email :


Email Overview -  A complete review of all email related services.

POP Accounts - Manage email accounts.

Email Space Quota - Set how much space your account needs.

Email / Web Disk Ratio - Configure how your disk space is used.

Forwarding Aliases - Manage email forwarding aliases.

Mailing Lists - Create and manage majordomo mailing lists.

Auto Responders - Set up autoresponders on your accounts and aliases.

Spam and Virus Protection - Add and configure datarealm's Spam and Virus Protection


Everything to do with domain names :


Domain Overview -  A full review of all of your domains and there associated information.

Active Domains - Manage your currently active domains.

Inactive Domains - Activate or completely remove inactive domains.

Subdomains - setup and manage subdomains.

Web Stats

This menu gives you several options to track the who, what, where, when and how of your visitors :


Current Web Stats - Up-to-date analysis of your web logs.

Schedule Log Delivery - Set up nightly delivery of your raw web logs.

Retrieve Past Logs - Get the apache logs for your site from the previous month.

Search Logs - Search through your apache logs for a specific keyword.

Website Tools

The substance of our hosting service: software and scripts to make your life easier :


File Manager -  Add, edit, and delete files and folders, verify perl syntax of your scripts, preview html pages, and more.

FrontPage Extensions - Install, repair or remove frontpage 2000 extensions.

MySQL Database Interface - Manage your databases.

Request MySQL Database - Use this online form to request the creation of a new database for your account.

Basic Shopping Cart - Install a full featured, but easy to manage, shopping cart.

Blogging Software - Install the popular WordPress blogging tool.

Site Search Engine - Install a search tool to allow your visitors to search your website.

Secure Form Submissions - Retrieve secure results from our SecureForm script.

Search for a Perl Module - Use this feature to search form installed Perl modules

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