POP Email Accounts

Complete details on the creation and use of email POP accounts on our servers.


What is a POP Account?


Creating POP Accounts


Checking the Account with Webmail


Checking the account with an email program


A note about POP Account inbox quotas



What is a POP Account?


A POP account is it's own independent email account, as opposed to an email alias, which merely forwards email to another email account. When someone sends mail to your POP account (eg: sales@yourdomain.com), the mail will be saved on our servers.



Creating POP Accounts



To set up your POP accounts:


1) Connect to your /admin control panel at: http://www.yourdomain.com/admin. (Please replace "yourdomain.com" with your actual web address!)


2) Click the Email tab at the top of the page


3) Click the POP Accounts item from the submenu on the left side of the page.


4) Click the gray Add Email Accounts To.. bar under the domain you want to manage. If you are at your quota limit your will get a 'You are currently using all of your email aliases.' message indicating that you'll need to purchase more aliases to continue.


5) Once on the add accounts page, you will be presented with:


Account - Set what you want to come before the @ symbol in the email address. Please note that you cannot create an account with the same name as an existing email alias under a domain name.


Password - This is the password for the email account. It will be used whenever you check your email (via webmail , or with an email client).


6) Click the Create Email Account(s) submit button at the bottom of the page and your account(s) will be created.




Checking the Account with Webmail


Webmail is a browser-based account reader, which is very handy because you can use it to check you email from any computer. To use webmail, simply go to http://webmail.datarealm.com in a browser. Instructions for logging in can be found on our Webmail page.


Please note, Datarealm now offers and new and improved webmail program called RoundCube. You can access RoundCube here - https://roundcube.datarealm.com/. A help page for this newer program is located here




Checking the account with an email program


There are a number of programs available that you can use to send and receive mail from your POP account. Instructions for many of the more popular programs are available in our KB. However, If you are not using one of these programs, the settings you need to know to set up your POP account are:


Incoming Mail server - Your domain name without the 'http://www' (ie: yourdomain.com)


Outgoing/SMTP Mail Server - This should be set to: smtp2.datarealm.com


Username - The complete email address. (eg: example@yourdomain.com)


Password - The password that you set up when you created the email account.


SMTP Authentication - Make sure you have My server requires authentication checked. You may then select use same settings as incoming mail server OR if your program asks for an SMTP username you may specify the complete email address (example@yourdomain.com). The SMTP password will be the same as your regular email password. Lastly, If your email program supports this, please select TLS/START encryption.




A note about POP account quotas


Your POP account's total inbox usage has a ceiling of 250 MB. This is to prevent abuse and strain, but most users rarely approach this limit. We send out quota warnings when your inbox approaches this limit. When you receive one of these notices you should take action and remove mail from your inbox on the mail server. You can do this by configuring your local email program to download and delete your mail or you can use one of our Webmail programs to delete older messages or move emails you'd like to save into sub-folders.

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