Instructions for configuring Outlook email software.



Starting the New Account Wizard


You can add a new account to Microsoft Outlook using the built-in add accounts wizard. To get this started up, open Outlook and click on the Tools menu. In this menu, select Accounts.... This should open a dialogue box - 


Outlook Wizard Screen


In this box, click on the Add button, and then select Mail... You should then be at the first step in the wizard to add accounts to Outlook.



Getting Through the Wizard


Your Name


This step is simply asking you to enter your name as you would your mail to appear being from. This will not change the email address that the mail is from, but only the name that appears in the recipient's inbox when you send email to them. 



Internet Email Address


The next section is asking for your Email Address. Here, you should enter the address of the email account that you are setting up Outlook to check.



Email Server Names


The dialogue box for Step 3 of the wizard asks you for the server names to use to send and receive mail:


Email Server names



Incoming mail server type - The first part, asking for the type of incoming mail server, should be set to POP 3


Incoming mail server - The incoming mail server is the server that Outlook will check for the email to receive. Please set this value to imap1.datarealm.com


Outgoing mail (SMTP) server - The outgoing mail server is the server that your domain name uses to send the mail. This should be set to our mail server, smtp2.datarealm.com




Internet Mail Logon


The Internet Mail Logon box asks you for the username and password for the email account. The username for your email account is your complete email address. So, if you are configuring for the address example@yourdomain.com, the username would simply be "example@yourdomain.com". To be clear, this should be your full email address.


The password for your email account is the password that was set up specifically for the account (note: this is different than your account administrative password). Please keep in mind that all passwords are case sensitive. Please make sure that the box for SPA in this section is NOT checked.




Account Properties


After you get your account set up with Outlook, there are a few more things you should check on to make sure it will work properly. These can all be set up in the Properties section for the account in Outlook, which you can get to by going to the Tools menu, and then to Accounts.... Simply highlight the name of the account you want to modify, and click on the Properties button.


Outlook Properties




General Properties


The first tab in the Properties box is General:


General Properties

The very top field, the name by which you would like to refer to these servers, is simply the name that appears in the Accounts dialogue box that you just came from. It is the name that Outlook uses to refer to the particular account you are setting up. This makes it possible to have multiple accounts set up with Outlook.


The User Information is just what it says it is - information about you. If you would like people to send mail to a different address when they reply to the messages you send them, enter it in the Reply Address field here. Otherwise, the mail will be sent to your POP account address.


The option at the bottom of this screen, Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing should be given special attention if you have multiple accounts set up with Outlook. If this box is selected, Outlook will try to receive mail from this account every time someone clicks on the Send and Receive button in the Outlook program. Also, if there are any messages waiting to be sent from your account, they would be sent as well.



Server Properties


The next tab in the Properties box is the Servers information. Most of this information should be filled in from the servers setup step, but there is one thing you need to make sure to modify.


Server Properties


The thing to pay special attention to here is the option at the bottom that says My server requires authentication. Because our mail server does require authentication, you need to make sure this is selected. Once you have checked the box, click on the Settings button.


Authentication screenshot

In this section, make sure the top selection, Use same setting as my incoming mail server is chosen, as in the image shown.



Advanced Properties


In this section, you should leave the Server Port Numbers and Server Timeouts section set to the default. Perhaps of the most interest in this section are the Delivery options. If the Leave a copy of messages on server box is checked, your mail will not be removed from our mail server when you download your mail. Although Outlook will recognize which email have been downloaded before (and hopefully not download them again), if you should check your mail with another mail program, the other program will most likely download all of those messages again.




Common Problems


Below is a list of common problems that you may encounter while using outlook. If you can't troubleshoot the problem, please let us know and we'll be glad to help out.


I can't connect to smtp2.datarealm.com


If you are online and trying to send mail from Outlook, but Outlook is reporting that it cannot find or connect to the server smtp2.datarealm.com, the first place to check is with your ISP. Many ISP's, especially some of the large ones such as SBC and Earthlink, do not allow their users to connect to any outgoing mail servers except their own. If this is the case with your ISP, your ISP should provide you with an outgoing mail server that you can use. This will not affect the email address that your email is sent from - it will still be from the address of your POP account that you set up with us.



I can't send mail, and I'm getting an error message that says authentication failed


If you are in this situation, it is most likely that your Outlook program is not authenticating itself properly with our outgoing mail server. The first thing to check is that you have the My server requires authentication option check in the server properties. If you have this checked and are still having the problem, try checking your mail before attempting to send anything out. Our mail server gets the authorization it needs to send mail when you check your mail, so if you try to check your mail before sending anything, this will help the situation. Also, please keep in mind that if you are disconnected from the internet while in the middle of an Outlook session, you will need to re-authenticate yourself when you reconnect if you wish to send mail.

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