Uploading with Dreamweaver

How to get started with Dreamweaver. For complete instructions, please see the Adobe site.


Selecting the site you want to upload

Web Server Info settings





Selecting the site you want to upload


Before you can upload your files, you need to tell Dreamweaver which website you want to upload. To do this, use the following instructions:


1) Choose Site -> Define Sites


2) Select the site


3) Click Edit


4) Switch the Category to Web Server Info


This will bring up the Web Server Info window for that specific website. If you are using Dreamweaver to create more than one website, you will have to perform these steps for each website.




Web Server Info settings


Dreamweaver Web Server Info window:


FTP Host - The FTP Host should always be ftp.datarealm.com.


Host Directory - This is the folder where your remote site files are stored on the server. To work properly it should be set to a single forward slash: /


Login - This is the same username that you use to log into your /admin Control Panel (eg: your_user).


Password - This is your account password, the same one that you use to log into your account Control Panel. The password is case sensitive.


Use Passive FTP - If you connect to the internet with a cable modem, or through a firewall, you may need to enable "Passive FTP". Otherwise you can leave this unchecked.


Use Firewall - This should be checked if your computer is behind a Firewall.





Occasionally problems can arise uploading files to your account. Luckily they are usually easy to correct. Below is a list of common error messages, and their fixes. If you get a problem that won't go away, please email support@datarealm.com and we'll gladly assist you.


"Can't get "ftp.datarealm.com" host entry" or "Connection to ftp.datarealm.com failed" - Check to make sure that you are connected to your ISP. If you are not online, connect and try again. If you are connected, wait a few minutes and try again.


"530 Login incorrect." or "Logon failure, so quitting" - This error is caused by an incorrect username or password. Double check your username an password entries for any errors. Remember both the username and password are case sensitive.


 "550 Could not open: Disk quota exceeded" or "450 Write error: Disk quota exceeded" -  This indicates that the amount of disk space on the account has been reached. You can remove files from the account to open up some space for the new files, or you can add additional space to your account. If you wish to add space to your account, please email support@datarealm.com


"Send error: connection reset" or "Receive error: connection reset" - To keep our FTP server operating properly, we have set the idle connection time to 20 minutes. What this means is that if you are connected to ftp.datarealm.com for longer than 20 minutes without doing anything, we will disconnect you. Reconnecting to the ftp server will give you a fresh connection, and allow you to continue your uploading/downloading.

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