Is there a control panel?


There are actually two separate answers to this question.

First of all, we offer a control panel to assist in basic VPS management and so you can see your bandwidth. Our control panel allows you to:

  • Reimage your VPS - great if you are experimenting and need to start from scratch
  • Change your VPS to a different linux distribution
  • Change the root password in your VPS
  • Change your console password
  • View bandwidth graphs and see your quota and usage

When you first get your VPS it is a bare-bones system. There is no control panel installed inside the VPS itself to help you manage it. However if you would like one, we are more than happy to assist. We can install webmin/virtualmin free of charge, or we can install the cPanel control panel system for a monthly licensing fee of $14.95/month. Please be aware of course that should you reimage your VPS, any control panel software will need to be reinstalled.
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