Setting the Email / Web Disk Space Ratio

Details on how the Email / Web Space ratio works, as well as suggested settings.


What is the Web/Email disk space ratio?

Why are you using this system?

How to configure your web/email disk space ratio

Suggested Web/Email disk ratio settings



What is the web/email disk space ratio?


The web/email disk space ratio is an account setting that lets you control how much of your allotted space quota can be used for web space, and how much can be used for email. For example, if your account quota is 100 Megabytes, and your aren't planning on using much email, you can configure your ratio so that most of the space is available for your web site. If you are unsure as to what your settings should be, please see our guide below.



Why are you using this system?


Formerly, the web/email disk space ratio was set to a 50-50 balance that was set in stone. This new method allows customers to use their disk space as they see fit. If they won't be using email space, they should be able to use that disk quota for their web site, and vice versa.



How to configure your web/email disk space ratio


To set up a configure your web/email disk space ratio for your account, take the following steps:


1) Connect to your account control panel at:


2) Click the 'Account Info' tab at the top of the page


3) Click the 'Web/Email Disk Ratio' item for the menu on the left side of the page


4) This will bring up the email/web disk space ratio page. On this page you'll need to choose one of the preset options, or a custom value from the pull-down menu. Please note that you cannot change your ratio to a setting where either the web or email usage will be over quota. 




Suggested Web/Email disk ratio settings


If you are unsure of which ratio setting best suits your needs, we offer five preset values to get you started. Remember, this ratio can be changed at any time.


20% Email / 80% Web - If you do not plan on using the email POP accounts, or will only have a single small email account, this is the best option to choose.


35% Email / 65% Web - This is an excellent choice if you will be using our email services, but plan on making the web site your main focus.


50% Email / 50% Web - This is the default setting for all accounts, and generally provides the balance to suit most users.


65% Email / 35% Web -  This setting is designed for users who have a large number of POP accounts to deal with, or who prefer to leave their email on our servers as an archive.


80% Email / 20% Web - This setting is for users with very demanding email needs.

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