Roundcube Webmail

What is Roundcube Webmail?

Logging into Roundcube

Using Roundcube

- Setting up an Identity

- Main mail functions

Additional Features

- Address Book

- Filters

- Calendar

Tips and Tricks

- Browsing and Searching your email

- Creating Folders

- Special Folders : Setting up Trash

- Displaying Mail

- Selecting Messages

Additional Documentation


What is Roundcube?

Roundcube is an online interface to our mail servers. You can use it to manage your email when you don't have access to your normal email software, or even as a full replacement for your email program. You can access Roundcube from any internet connected computer in the world.


Logging into Roundcube

To access Roundcube, go to:

You will be offered the following login screen -



Please enter the following information -

Username - The full email address that you want to check. Eg:


Password - The password for the email account. This field is case sensitive, so if your password is "paSSwOrd", using "password" will fail.


Server - Please make sure Default Server remains selected.



Once logged in, you will be able to send and receive your email through the Roundcube interface.


Using Roundcube


- Setting up an Identity

- Mail Mail functions



Setting up an Identity

The first time you login to Roundcube, you will want to set up an identity for your email account. 


Please look for the Settings icon in the top right corner - 


Once you have clicked this Setting icon, the frames below you will reload. Look now in the Setting frame on the left and select Identities - 



In the middle frame you will see the email address you have logged into. Select it by clicking once and you will now be presented with the options for configuring your identity in the right-hand frame. Enter as much or as little as you see fit here. These settings will not prevent you from sending and receiving mail but will control the look and feel of the email you send.


A few thing to note


- Under Settings the most important values are Display Name and Email Address. These settings control the FROM detail on the emails you send to others.

- Under Signature, you can add plain text or HTML to be displayed at the end of each email you send.

- Please do not alter any of the detail under SMTP.


To save your new identity details, please be sure to click the Save button at the bottom of the right-hand frame.  To return to your folder list and inbox, click the Mail icon - 


Main Mail Functions

Upon logging in, you’ll find the Roundcube interface is generally divided into two frames. The smaller left frame displays the folder list, while the larger, primary frame displays the messages in your inbox or subfolders. Clicking a different folder on the left will automatically display the mail within that folder on the right.

Along the top of these two frames you will see a list of icons/links -


main mail


Refresh- This option will refresh your folder list and the mail displayed in the right-hand screen. This action checks for new mail on the server.


Compose - This icon brings up the window for composing and sending a new message. Amongst other options, you can create messages in plain text or HTML, add attachments, run a spell check, and, if need be, save the message as a draft.


Reply, Reply-All, Forward - When a specific message is selected you may choose one of these three options. Reply sends a reply back to the original sender. Reply-all sends the message to all the parties originally included in the TO and CC fields of the message. Forward will send the message to a new third party.


Delete - This option will allow you to delete selected messages. USE CAUTION - by default, deleting a message with Roundcube wipes the message from the server permanently. If you wish to simply transfer deleted mail into the Trash folder, please see the Special Folders : Setting up Trash detail in the Tips and Tricks section below.


Junk- This feature simply moves selected messages into your Junk folder. That's it. If you would like to incorporate a smarter method of managing junk mail, consider signing up for Datarealm’s Spam Filtering and Virus protection


Mark - These options can help you manage the display of mail in your inbox and subfolders. You can mark mail as read or unread, flagged or unflagged.


More - There are several helpful features under the More icon. Most notably, the command to print a selected message and to show the message source/headers. Also the ability to move or copy the selected message or messages to specific subfolder.

Additional Features


- Address Book

   Importing a CSV file

   Adding individual addresses - 2 methods

   Managing contacts

- Filters

- Calendar



Address Book


Importing a CSV file -

Adding a CSV (Comma Separated Variable) Address Book file from a different email client into Roundcube is very easy. After you have exported your current address book in CSV format, log into Roundcube and click the Address Book icon in the upper right-hand menu -


address book


This will display the Address Book screen. You will now be presented with an option to Import in the left-hand menu -


Click this Import icon. Doing so will present you with the Import Tool

import tool

First, click Choose Files to find the CVS file on your local computer. The above example shows we have browsed the local computer and selected a file called addressbook.csv.

You have a few more options to consider. Select an option for Group Assignments.  If you have none or do not know what this is, leave None selected. The next option, Replace the entire address book, will overwrite any addresses you currently have and replace them with the new details you are importing. Do NOT check this box if you have existing contacts that you wish to keep.

Once these options have been set, click on Import.  If all goes well, you will see a success message telling you how many addresses were imported. The addresses can now be accessed in your address book. Click Done to see the new address book entries.


Adding Individual Addresses -


There are two primary methods to adding new addresses to your Roundcube Address Book; Entering and address from scratch and adding an address automatically from a message header.


1) You can add an email address and other contact detail directly through the Address Book. To do so, click the Address Book icon in the upper right-hand menu -

Address Book

This will display the Address Book screen. At the bottom of the Contacts Panel, you will see the plus sign icon -

add address

Clicking this Plus Sign will display your Address Book entry form. Add all the detail you wish and click Save to add the contact to your Address Book. Once this is completed the new address will be listed under Contacts.

2) You can also add addresses to your Address Book directly from your inbox while displaying a specific message.

Open a message from the sender you wish to save in your Address Book. In the basic header display you will see a small icon next to any address associated with the email in question - add address

Click this icon and the selected address will be added to your Address Book automatically. 


Managing contacts 

If you wish to edit or add additional information to any Address Book entry, use the Address Book Icon to display your Address Book. All your saved address are listed in the middle Contacts panel. Any saved address can be reviewed, edited, or deleted.



Filters are helpful way to manage email that arrives in your inbox. You can, for example, create a filter that would direct all mail from a specific sender into a specified folder. Or perhaps you would like all mail with a specific word in the subject to be directed to your junk mail. The possibilities are endless. 


To create a Filter, go to Settings in the right-hand menu - 


Now that you have the new window displayed, click the Filters option in the Settings Panel on the right - 


You will now be presented with the Filter creation tool

create a filter

In the above example we show creating a filter for all messages with the word “Spam” in the subject. We have directed that these messages will be moved automatically in to the Junk folder.  Once you have entered the specific detail for the filter you wish to create, all you need to do is hit Save!

All saved filters can be viewed directly below the creation tool. The option to delete a given filter will be presented as a link.


Roundcube offers a calendar feature! To access this, click the Calendar icon in the upper right-hand menu - 




On the main calendar screen you will be presented with a quick overview - 


The three small icons at the top of this mini calendar allow you to change the calendar view in the main window on the right. You can move between displaying one day, one week, and the whole month in the primary window.


You can add new events by clicking the Create Event icon - 

add an event

To access your Roundcube Calendar configuration, go to Settings in the right-hand menu -


Now, in the middle panel, click on the Calendar link - 


calendar settings


In the main panel on the right, you will be offered the Calendar configuration options!

Tips and Tricks

- Browsing and Searching your email

- Creating Folders

- Special folders : Setting up Trash

- Displaying Mail

- Selecting Messages


Browsing and searching your email

At some point, most users will find that they have several pages of email stored within their inbox or other sub folders. You can move easily through these pages using forward and back icons at the bottom of your message list - 


You can also use choose to display certain categories of email using the Predefined Filters tool to the left of the Search box. Both of these options can be found in the top right-hand corner, above your message list - 


Clicking once on the Predefined Filters tool will display the following options - 

predefined filters

By selecting one of the predefined options, you can quickly filter the email in a selected folder to display, for example, only unread or unanswered email. 

You can make more advanced selections by using these predefines filters in conjunction with the Search tool. For example, you can choose to display unread messages from Datarealm by selecting Unread from the predefined filter list and entering “from:datarealm” in the search box.

Furthermore, you can search mail in your current folder by entering a term into the search box and hitting enter on your keyboard. Your search results will be displayed in the message list.

You can reset the search function and clear the search box by clicking the X in the right of the search box.

To open the search options menu, click the search icon (the one that look like a little magnifying glass) on the left the search box. You will be presented with the following - 

search filters

You can select which parts of the messages should be searched. For example, only the From or Subject fields.  Check Entire message to search all fields.

You can also type specific search criteria directly into the bar, such as “from:Datarealm” or “subject:tech support.” Supported criteria are -








Creating Folders

Roundcube only comes with a few select folders by default - Inbox, Drafts, Sent, and Junk. You may want to create additional folders for the purposes of managing your email. The below example shows how to create a Trash folder

To create your Trash folder, go to Settings in the right-hand menu - 


Now that you have you new window displayed, select Folders from the left-hand Settings panel - 


At the bottom of the middle Folders panel, you will now see a Plus icon

add filter

Click this plus sign. Now you will see the ability to create new folders in the rightmost panel - 

create folder

Enter the name of the folder you wish to create in the Folder name field. We specified “Trash” in the above example. Select a Parent folder and list mode, if applicable, and hit Save. If all goes well, your new folder will now be listed in the middle Folders Panel.

A note about folders :  If you have already used Datarealm’s older Webmail program, you will see a number of additional folders have been automatically transferred over to your Roundcube interface. If you have questions about these folders or need help managing them, please let us know.

Special folders : Setting up Trash

Please note that by default, deleting a message with Roundcube wipes the message from the server permanently. If you wish to instead transfer deleted mail into the trash folder, you need to configure Roundcube to do so.

If you have already been a Datarealm Webmail user, you have a Trash folder. If have never used a Datarealm Webmail program and you are setting up Roundcube for the very first time, you will need to create a Trash folder.

If you need to create a Trash Folder you can do so by following the above instructions

Once you have a trash folder, you can configure your deleted email to be stored there. To configure Trash folder, go to Settings in the right-hand menu - 


Now that you have you new window displayed, please select Special folders from the middle panel - 

special folders

This will display a new series of options is the main panel on the right-hand side - 

folder assignment

Please note that by default the only special folder not specified it is the Trash folder. Select your desired trash folder from the drop down menu  - 


pick trash

Hit Save. Roundcube is now configured to store your deleted mail in a Trash folder.

Displaying Mail

You can adjust certain settings that control the look and amount of email displayed in your inbox and any subfolders. We encourage you to experiment with these settings! To adjust these options, go to Settings in the right-hand menu - 


Now look in the middle panel for Mailbox View -

mailbox view

You will be present with several configuration options - 


main options

Show Preview pane and Mark previewed messages as read - When enabled, a preview pane will appear below the message list in your inbox. It will display the header and body of the currently selected message. Once this feature is enabled, you can still toggle it on and off in your main mailbox view. Look for the small down arrow toggle button - arrow - at the bottom right-hand corner of the message list. The Mark previewed messages as read function can be adjusted to meet your specifications.

On request for return receipt - This feature dictates how your Roundcube will response when senders request a read receipt.


Expand Message Threads - By default Roundcube will sort messages by their date or subject. You can change this so conversations including multiple messages can be grouped together as Threads. Once this feature is turned on, you can expand or collapse threads in your message view by using the Thread toggle box below the message list - 


You can also move back and further from the normal list view and a thread view by toggling the following two icons found at in the bottom right-hand corner of your message view - 

view mode


Rows per page - This feature allows you to increase or decrease the number of messages displayed per page. The default is 50 messages.


Check all folders for new messages - By default only the inbox is checked for new messages. If you have created filters that move incoming mail into sub folders, you should check this option!


Selecting Messages

There are several ways you can select messages within your Roundcube inbox and sub folders. This function is useful for selecting large blocks of email to delete or to move into another folder for storage. 

When looking at your inbox or any message list in a subfolder, you will see a small check box next to a gear icon at the top right-hand corner of your message list - 

select all mail

In the above example we have clicked once to check this box. Upon doing so, you will see that every messages on your screen has been selected. This function only selects messages on the current page. 


If you wish to select all the messages in the entire folder or already flagged or unread messages, please look at the bottom of your message list for the Select menu. Click once to expand this menu. You will see the following options -  

select mail

All - Clicking on the All option will selected ALL mail in the entire folder. 


Current page - This option selects all the mail on the currently displayed page.

Unread - This selects all messages on the current page that are marked as unread.

Flagged - This selects all messages on the current page that are currently flagged.

Invert - This useful option will invert your selection. This feature is helpful if you, for example, have large amount of junk mail on a page along with just a few valid messages. Rather than selecting every piece of junk mail, select the valid messages and then use the invert tool to switch the selection.


None - This option will deselect any currently selected messages in message view

Additional Documentation

Roundcube is a very robust and sophisticated program. We have only just touched the surface of the features, tools, and options available to you. If you find you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.


If you want to read more or find detail on a specific feature, try this user guide -

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