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cPanel allows you to update the Mail Exchange or “MX” records for any domain hosted on your account and with Datarealm’s DNS. To do this, follow the steps below.

Please note -
Misconfigured MX entries can completely disable your ability to receive mail. If you are unsure which option to choose, contact us.

This article assumes you are hoping to adjust your MX records to point to a non Datarealm, third party email provider.

Login to cPanel

2. Under the Email heading, click the MX Entry icon

MX icon

3. If you host more than one domain on your account, you will need to select the domain in question from the drop down menu provided.

4. With the correct domain selected, you will now see a series of options. Again, this article assumes you simply want to point your MX record to another provider.

Warning: Setting the wrong options here can break your email. If you are at all unsure about which option to select or what to specify, contact us.

To proceed with pointing our MX records to another provider, first select Automatically Detect Configuration and click the blue Change button.


5. Add your new MX entries, first by specifying the priority and the destination server. Click the blue Add New Record button to add each record.

add new

These priority and destination values will be provided by your third party email provider. You will need to add at least one record, but can add as many as directed by the new provider.

Your final step will be to remove any previous MX records you may have had. In most cases, you will see a single record represented by your domain name. That was the local MX record you will no longer be using. Click the Remove option to remove it from the mix.


With your old MX record removed and your new records in place, your email will begin flowing over to your new email provider.


A few things to note :

- You can always edit existing records by clicking the Edit icon. edit

- Should you ever need to switch your MX records back to Datarealm, simply add local a record back by specifying the priority of zero and your domain name as the destination. It might look like this :


Complete the process by removing any third party servers you may have listed. Your email routing can remain on Automatically Detect Configuration.

If you have any questions about any of this, please let us know.

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