How to Manage FTP Connections

While any FTP user is connected to your cPanel account, their FTP connection will be listed in your cPanel FTP Connections area. That activity can be viewed and the connections can be terminated if deemed necessary. To see this detail and disconnect any FTP connection(s) follow, these steps :
1. Login to your cPanel account.
2. Under Files, click the FTP Connections icon.
3. Any active FTP connections will be listed here. Including those made with your primary cPanel username and password. 
4. For each connection, you have the ability to disconnect the user. Clicking this Disconnect link will result in the user receiving an error via their FTP client.
IMPORTANT : if you believe any activity is unauthorized or malicious, in addition to terminating the FTP connection, you will want to remove the FTP user or at the very least change the FTP password. 
- Detail on how to remove a FTP user can be found here.

- Steps to update an FTP password can be explored on this page.

- If you are concerned your primary cPanel password has been compromised, please reset it immediately. Those instructions can be found here.
Let us know if you have any questions or concerns!
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