How to Create Email Forwarding Addresses

To create a new forwarding address or alias, perform the following steps:

 Login to your cPanel account.

2. In the Email Section of your cPanel, click on Forwarders and then click on the blue Add Forwarders button.

 On the Add a New Forwarder page you will see the Address to forward field. As an example, if you want to forward all mail sent to to a different email address, enter "info" (without the quotes) in the Address to forward field, and should you have multiple domains, select the appropriate one from the domain drop-down list.

4. From the Destination options select the Forward to Email Address and enter the destination email where you want to receive forwarded emails.

5. Click on the blue Add Forwarder Button.

You may have noticed there are several options beyond simply forwarding your email to a different mail address. You can select these as needed :

Discard and send an error to the sender (at SMTP time). You may even specify custom bounced error message.
And under Advanced you will see :

- Forward to a system account - send the email to your default cPanel email account.

- Pipe to a Program
- A truly advanced feature. Please only use under the instruction of a system admin.

- Discard
 - Not Recommended

Please let us know if you need any help with these email features.

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