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What is an Addon domain?

Do I want an Addon or an Alias?

How to add an Addon domain?

How to modify or remove an Addon domain?


What is an Addon domain?

If your hosting package allows, you may add additional domains and sites to your account. These Addon domains allow you to manage additional websites all from a single cPanel account. Each Addon domain links to its own subdirectory within your account's public_html directory, and then stores its files in that subdirectory.

If your account does not support the addition of Addon domains, contact us to learn about upgrading.

Please note : If it does not already, you will want to point any domain you wish to add to your cPanel account to the following name servers -






Do I want an Addon or an Alias?

In the most basic terms, Addon domains are for when you want to add a new site with its own web address to your account. Domain Aliases are for when you want to point an additional domain or domains to your existing site. People typically used Aliases to point, for example, the .net, and .org version of their domain to the .com site. If you are interested in creating a domain Alias, see this page.



How to add an Addon domain


1. Login to cPanel.

Under the Domains section, look for and click the Addon Domains icon.

addon icon

3. On the next page, you will be presented with the following options :

New Domain name - This is the new domain you wish to add.

Subdomain - This value should auto populate based on the new domain you add in the first value. You need not concern yourself with this value as it is just a way cPanel internally keeps tack of your Addon domains.

Document root - This value should also auto populate based on the domain name that you are adding. In most causes you will want this value to point to a folder in your public_html directory, so add public_html/ to the Document root value. For example, if you are trying to add "" to your account and you want that domain to piont to a web accessible directory, you will want to make sure your specifced document root is public_html/


Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain - If you plan on being the only admin for this domain/site, you can leave this section unchecked. If you want to give FTP access to this new site to a sub user, now is a great time to set that up. If you elect to set up a new FTP account for this new site, you must select an FTP username and password. Please mind the password strength meter when creating your password!

4. When you are ready to add your new Addon domain, click the blue Add Domain button.



Please remember, domains must be registered with a valid registrar and configured to point to our DNS servers before they can be used as an Addon.


That’s it!


How to modify or remove an Addon domain

Login to cPanel.

2. Under the Domains section, look for and click the Addon Domains icon.

addon icon

3. On the next page, look for the Modify an Addon Domain section. You have several links/tools available to you in this section :

- Click the Home iconhome to access the root directory for this domain in the cPanel File Manager.

- Click the Pencil icon pencil if you want to modify the document root for the domain in question.

- Click the Remove icon remove if you wish to remove this Addon domain from your account. Caution - this action will also remove any email addresses associated with the domain.

- Click the Manage Redirection manage if you with to create or adjust a .htaccess redirect for the given domain.


If you have any questions about Addon domains, please let us know!


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