How to Edit file in the cPanel File Manager?

Editing a file using cPanel's File Manager allows you to make immediate changes to your web site without needing to upload a new version of the edited file to your account. Changes you make via the File Manager go live instantly upon saving.

The cPanel File Manger offers three types of file editing :

- A Plain Text Editor for editing simple text files.

- A Code Editor for changing files that contain PHP, JavaScript, or other code. It provides features like line numbering and syntax highlighting.

- An WYSIWYG HTML Editor that can be used to edit or create HTML files. It includes a spell check, formatting toolbars, etc. This editor is only available for files with .html or .htm extensions.

To edit files with cPanel’s FileManager, follow the steps below :


1. Log into your cPanel account.

2. In the Files section, click on File Manger Icon. file manager icon


3. A small Window will prompt you to select a domain or folder location. Should you have a number of domains or addons, select the appropriate domain name or folder location, and press the GO button.

select location

For more detail on selecting the proper location, please see the notes on this page.

Navigate to the directory where the file you wish to edit is located.

5. Right click on the file and then select Edit, Code Edit, or HTML Edit in the Context Menu.

select editor

Please note :

- You can switch between the Text and Code editors easily. You can only use the WYSIWYG HTML editor for files with a .htm or .html extension and once you have opened a file in the WYSIWYG HTML, you can not switch to the text or code editor.

- If you elect to go with Code Edit, a Code Editor Pop-up will open. Click on the Edit button, which will open a new window/tab with your Code Editor.

code edit pop up

If you go with HTML edit, the HTML Editor Pop-up will open. Check that your desired url is selected and click on the Edit button to proceed.

HTML edit pop up


7. Make changes to your file and then click on the Save button. Depending on the editor you have chosen to use, the Save button will appear in either the top left or right hand corner of your editing window.

Please let us know if you have any questions or problems!

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