How to create a new folder or files in the cPanel File Manager?

Follow the steps below to create directories or files with your cPanel File Manager.

To create a new folder/directory within your account :

 To create a new directory, log into your cPanel account.

2. In the Files section, click on the File Manger Icon. file manager icon

3. A pop-up will prompt you to select a domain or folder location. Should you have a number of domains or addons, select the appropriate domain name or folder location, and press the GO button.

For more detail about selecting the correct location see the notes on this page.

Click on the New Folder Icon.   new folder

In the New Folder Name field enter your folder name like "myfolder" (without the quotes). Then click on the Create New Folder button.

add folder

How to create new file in your account :

Click on the New File Icon.  
new file

2. In the New File Name field enter a file name like "MyFile.txt" (without the quotes). Then click on the Create New File button.

add file

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