Email Aliases

How to configure and manage the email aliases that come with your account.



What is an Email Alias?


Creating Aliases


Suggested Uses for Aliases


What is an Email Alias?


An email alias is an email address that automatically redirects email to another email account. For instance, if you set up an alias of pointing to, all mail sent to would be automatically redirected to




Creating Email Aliases


To set up an email aliases:


1) Connect to your account control panel at:


2) Click the Email tab at the top of the page


3) Click the Email Forwarding Aliases item from the submenu on the left side of the page.


4) Click the Add Email Aliases To... under the domain you want to manage. If you are at your quota limit your will get a 'You are currently using all of your email aliases.' message indicating that you'll need to purchase more aliases to continue.


5) Once on the add alias page, you will be presented with:


Alias -  Set what you want to come before the @ symbol in the alias address. Please note that you cannot create an alias with the same name as an existing POP account under a domain name.


Forwards To - Enter the address or addresses that you would like mail sent to the alias to be forwarded to. If you use multiple addresses, just separate them with a comma:,,


Please not that the forward address(es) is limited to 256 characters. It is not an endless field. If you wish to forward messages to a large number of email addresses we suggest using a mailing list.


6) Click the Create Email alias(es) submit button at the bottom of the page and your alias(es) will be created.



Suggested Uses for Aliases


Email Aliases are a very handy tool. Below are some suggested uses:


1) Have a address redirect to your ISP email account, so that you can use your ISP mail with your domain name.


2) If you are using a Majordomo mailing list, make it more professional with an alias.


3) Catch common spelling mistakes. Have redirect to the real address of


4) Have generic email address such as redirect to the appropriate person or people.



If you have further questions about email aliases, please email

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