What Will The Race To Zero Do To The Cloud?

Race To Zero CloudOnly a decade ago, the cloud was a nascent technology in which no one really put a great deal of stock. A lot can change in ten years, no? These days, everyone’s racing to get involved with the cloud, whether for its incredible scalability, its unbeatable flexibility, or its cost-effectiveness.

Unfortunately, this newfound popularity has had an unexpected side effect – the market is now crawling with cloud vendors. It’s inundated almost to the point of bursting (no pun intended). And that means competition has never been higher for clients. Read more »

Why You Should Never Spring For A Free Hosting Platform

Never Use Free HostingIf you’re a first-time webmaster looking at hosting options for your new website, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. There are a ton of choices out there, after all – and some of them can get downright expensive. With that in mind, you might be tempted to spring for simplicity and settle on a free hosting service.

Stop right there. Unless you’re creating a website that’s completely personal – one you’ve no intention of profiting from or building a business around – then signing up for a free hosting service is one of the worst decisions you can make. I’m not just blowing smoke here – I’ve some very good justifications to back this claim up.

Let’s talk about them. Read more »

Google’s BeyondCorp Initiative Is A Huge Step Forward For The Cloud

Google In The CloudBy now, you’ve probably heard the news. Google’s announced a new security paradigm called The BeyondCorp initiative. Tossing traditional security practices aside, BeyondCorp will see the search giant move all of its corporate applications online – to the cloud, in other words. Read more »

Why Spam Protection Is As Much About Security As SEO

Spam Protection And SEOIf you’ve ever used the Internet, you’ve dealt with spam. From fraudulent Nigerian Princes to socially-engineered phishing attempts to word-salad comments on blog posts, spam’s as much a part of the Internet as pictures of cats. As a result, most of us have kind of just accepted that it exists and moved on. Read more »

Which Industries Stand To Gain The Most From Cloud Computing?

Industries That Gain From The CloudThere can be no doubt that cloud computing has forced an evolution in how we do business. Never before has a technological development so greatly affected how we work, connect, and communicate. Virtually every field in the world has felt the impact of the cloud to one degree or another.

Some, however, have been faced with so fundamental a change that many have no idea how to keep up. That isn’t a bad thing, believe it or not. Although these industries felt the greatest shift at the hands of the cloud, they’ve also the most to gain by embracing it. Read more »

What’s The Difference Between Cloud Scaling And Cloud Bursting?

Cloud Bursting Vs Cloud Scaling“The Cloud” is probably the biggest buzz phrase in tech right now – or really, any field, if you think about it. It’s no surprise, really. Cloud computing is actually a lot more complex than most people think; an amalgamation of several different technologies and services designed to make the user’s life easier.

It’s a lot easier to just talk about “the cloud” than describing each individual component, no?

Unfortunately, that means that cloud computing is, in many cases, both ill-defined, and poorly understood. Too many people – both within enterprise and without – have only a vague idea of what cloud computing is and does; this leads to a great deal of confusion when the time comes to discuss some of the finer points of cloud computing’s functionality. Read more »

Five Ways You Can Prepare Your Website For Holiday Traffic

Get Your Site Ready For The Holidays‘Tis the season to be jolly…unless you’re a webmaster. The days leading up to the Christmas Holidays – Cyber Monday in particular – are some of the most important in the year for digital storefronts, whose traffic is liable to shoot through the roof as more and more users do all their shopping online. By that same vein, the holidays themselves have been known to cause a 30-40% drop in web traffic, as people are more interested in spending quality time with family than doing any actual shopping.   Read more »

Estimating Your Dedicated Server’s Resource Requirements

Dedicated ServersSo, your business has outgrown its shared hosting account. The resources provided by that plan simply aren’t enough to meet your needs any longer; you need something bigger. Something better.

You need a dedicated server.

Simple awareness isn’t enough here. You can’t just march up to a host and tell them you need a dedicated server without understanding the resource requirements. That’s a surefire recipe for disaster—either you’ll select a server that isn’t powerful enough, and everything slows to a crawl, or you’ll run with one that’s too powerful, and break your budget. Read more »

Is There Such A Thing As An Optimal Virtualization Config?

Optimal Virtualization ConfigBefore cloud computing changed the world, virtualization paved the way. It’s really no secret that the former serves more or less as the backbone of the latter – the technology is a fundamental component of cloud computing. It equips cloud providers with the capacity to virtually partition and provision the data on their server, allowing them to give each client their own virtualized instance of the necessary software or hardware.

It’s not entirely surprising, then, that modern virtualization has found its primary home in the cloud. That isn’t to say that’s the only thing it’s good for these days –  it’s an incredibly powerful technology in its own right. By making use of virtualization outside of the cloud, one can create a hardware-independent operating environment, a process which offers very real benefits, particularly in the development space. Read more »

Why Is Cloud Computing Law So Far Behind, And What Can Be Done To Fix it?

Cloud Computing LawBelieve it or not, the greatest challenge facing cloud computing is only tangentially related to security. I’m talking, of course, about the law. Governmental institutions and lawmakers have proven time and again that they’re woefully behind the times, confused about just what cloud computing is – and what it entails.

It’s a complicated problem, and there’s no easy solution.  Our society’s never seen anything like the cloud; our legal system has never had to change with the sort of rapidity demanded by modern technology. We’ve been playing catch-up for well over a decade, and that seems unlikely to change soon.

The problem is threefold. Read more »

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