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The Five Most Common Rookie Mistakes In CentOS, And How To Avoid Them

Common Mistakes In CentOSNobody’s perfect. And in the world of network and server administration, mistakes tend to be all-too-common – especially when you’re into your third night of troubleshooting hopped up on enough caffeine to put a Starbucks franchise out of business. Of course, there are some mistakes not even a sleep-deprived, overworked sysadmin will make; novice errors that no one in their right mind would fall victim to.

You haven’t bumbled into any of these, right? Read more »

Brute Force Attacks On WordPress Are At An All-Time High: How To Protect Yourself

Brute Force Attacks On WordPressAccording to security firm Sucuri, brute force attacks targeting WordPress have recently seen a sharp increase – and they show no signs of slowing. In the second week of September, they ballooned to 35 million attacks per day – up from 5 million at the beginning of the year. Read more »

Why You Should Never Spring For A Free Hosting Platform

Never Use Free HostingIf you’re a first-time webmaster looking at hosting options for your new website, it’s easy to get a little overwhelmed. There are a ton of choices out there, after all – and some of them can get downright expensive. With that in mind, you might be tempted to spring for simplicity and settle on a free hosting service.

Stop right there. Unless you’re creating a website that’s completely personal – one you’ve no intention of profiting from or building a business around – then signing up for a free hosting service is one of the worst decisions you can make. I’m not just blowing smoke here – I’ve some very good justifications to back this claim up.

Let’s talk about them. Read more »

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