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So You Want To Learn Data Science?

So You Want To Learn Data Science?Businesses have more data available to them at any point in history, but simply storing a lot of data doesn’t benefit a business. To reap the rewards of data, businesses need data scientists to help them turn it into insights that can be applied to decision-making. Read more »

Is Your Company Ready For The Internet Of Things?

Your Company Ready For Internet Of Things?The Internet Of Things, the development of which is currently in its early stages, is likely to have a substantial impact on the way we do business. Or so goes the popular IoT narrative. Whether you believe the hype or not, there’s no doubt that organizations need to think carefully about the ever increasing number of connected smart devices — devices used by their employees and customers, by the organizations they have relationships with, and, potentially, by the business itself. Read more »

Why The Consumer Electronics Show Should Matter To CTOs

Why CES Should Matter To CTOsIt’s been a few weeks since this year’s consumer electronics show wrapped up. Businesses from all over the tech industry showed up to strut their stuff. Although most of what was showcased was (not surprisingly) consumer tech, it nevertheless spanned industries as diverse as healthcare, automotives, and virtual reality. Read more »

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