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The New Datarealm Cloud Platform Offers High Availability Cloud Infrastructure With Automated Failover

Hudson, WI, October 21, 2013 –

Datarealm, a provider of trusted web hosting services, is proud to announce the introduction of a new and innovative cloud server platform that will empower clients to provision virtual servers and secure network infrastructure almost instantly. The Datarealm cloud is designed to make it easy for clients to quickly deploy high-availability virtual servers with automatic failover and recovery.

Security is a paramount concern for cloud service users, which is why the Datarealm cloud hosting platform was built from the ground up to provide an environment that clients can trust to keep their data safe and private. All virtual server networks hosted on the Datarealm cloud are protected by a virtual router and firewall, which is positioned between the private network and the public Internet. Additionally, clients are able to connect to their server over a dedicated Virtual Private Network, ensuring that all communication between them and their servers is encrypted and impossible to intercept. Read more »

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