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Don’t Let Legacy Complexity Get In The Way Of Cloud Deployment

Legacy Complexity Gets In Way Of CloudWhen I talk to companies with established legacy infrastructure on which their business depends, I often hear something like the following: “In theory, we’d love to use the cloud, but it’s way too complex and risky to move.” Their current infrastructure and the applications it supports are working now — however unsatisfactorily — and making the move would throw a cat among the pigeons, leading to potential operational disruption. Read more »

Why You Should Consider A Microservice Architecture For Your Next Cloud-Based Web Application

Consider A Microservice ArchitectureBack in the day, most applications were conceived and developed as monoliths. All of the application’s functionality was part of a single, inseparable unit. Many web applications are still developed in this way, especially in the enterprise, but, aided by cloud technology, some companies are embracing the benefits of a microservice architecture — with Netflix being a leading example.

A microservice architecture consists of multiple small, discrete units of functionality that communicate with each other via simple APIs. Microservice architectures have some unique benefits — and some unique drawbacks — when compared to monolithic design paradigms. Read more »

Five Services No Cloud Implementation Should Be Without

Services No Cloud Should Go WithoutSo, you want to start using cloud computing in your organization? That’s awesome! Just…keep one thing in mind first, alright? Particularly if you’re building your own cloud, there are certain components and services you need to make sure your business has access to.

Because if it doesn’t, then you simply aren’t up to the challenge of maximizing the benefit the cloud could bring to your business.

The good news is that if you know what you’re doing, it’s not difficult at all to prepare for – and implement – virtually any cloud service model. And that’s where we come in. Today, we’re going to talk about what your business needs to provide in order to be cloud-ready.

Shall we begin? Read more »

Will Bimodal IT Be Your Business’ Route To The Cloud?

Bimodal IT Route To CloudWhen I talk to businesses about their plans for cloud deployment, a frequent response is that they’d love to reap the benefits of the cloud, but that their company’s IT department isn’t organized in a way that makes it possible.

Traditionally, IT departments have been all about stability and availability — it’s their job to keep things running smoothly come what may. Risk aversion is deeply ingrained. While it’s certainly possible to maintain these IT virtues in the cloud, to leverage the cloud to its fullest advantage requires a more flexible, agile approach that may not mesh well with traditional IT. Read more »

What Will The Race To Zero Do To The Cloud?

Race To Zero CloudOnly a decade ago, the cloud was a nascent technology in which no one really put a great deal of stock. A lot can change in ten years, no? These days, everyone’s racing to get involved with the cloud, whether for its incredible scalability, its unbeatable flexibility, or its cost-effectiveness.

Unfortunately, this newfound popularity has had an unexpected side effect – the market is now crawling with cloud vendors. It’s inundated almost to the point of bursting (no pun intended). And that means competition has never been higher for clients. Read more »

Google’s BeyondCorp Initiative Is A Huge Step Forward For The Cloud

Google In The CloudBy now, you’ve probably heard the news. Google’s announced a new security paradigm called The BeyondCorp initiative. Tossing traditional security practices aside, BeyondCorp will see the search giant move all of its corporate applications online – to the cloud, in other words. Read more »

Which Industries Stand To Gain The Most From Cloud Computing?

Industries That Gain From The CloudThere can be no doubt that cloud computing has forced an evolution in how we do business. Never before has a technological development so greatly affected how we work, connect, and communicate. Virtually every field in the world has felt the impact of the cloud to one degree or another.

Some, however, have been faced with so fundamental a change that many have no idea how to keep up. That isn’t a bad thing, believe it or not. Although these industries felt the greatest shift at the hands of the cloud, they’ve also the most to gain by embracing it. Read more »

What’s The Difference Between Cloud Scaling And Cloud Bursting?

Cloud Bursting Vs Cloud Scaling“The Cloud” is probably the biggest buzz phrase in tech right now – or really, any field, if you think about it. It’s no surprise, really. Cloud computing is actually a lot more complex than most people think; an amalgamation of several different technologies and services designed to make the user’s life easier.

It’s a lot easier to just talk about “the cloud” than describing each individual component, no?

Unfortunately, that means that cloud computing is, in many cases, both ill-defined, and poorly understood. Too many people – both within enterprise and without – have only a vague idea of what cloud computing is and does; this leads to a great deal of confusion when the time comes to discuss some of the finer points of cloud computing’s functionality. Read more »

Why Is Cloud Computing Law So Far Behind, And What Can Be Done To Fix it?

Cloud Computing LawBelieve it or not, the greatest challenge facing cloud computing is only tangentially related to security. I’m talking, of course, about the law. Governmental institutions and lawmakers have proven time and again that they’re woefully behind the times, confused about just what cloud computing is – and what it entails.

It’s a complicated problem, and there’s no easy solution.  Our society’s never seen anything like the cloud; our legal system has never had to change with the sort of rapidity demanded by modern technology. We’ve been playing catch-up for well over a decade, and that seems unlikely to change soon.

The problem is threefold. Read more »

Identifying The Three Different Cloud Service Models

Identifying Cloud ServicesContrary to popular opinion, cloud computing is by no means a monolithic technology. That’s precisely what makes it so powerful and prolific – if it were only useful in a narrow range of situations, then I doubt it would have gained such widespread acceptance as it has. Unfortunately, the multifaceted nature of cloud computing can actually end up serving as a barrier to adoption if one’s organization doesn’t understand the service models available to them.

Let’s see if we can’t clear the waters a bit. Read more »

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