Monthly Archives: April 2016

Why You Should Consider A Microservice Architecture For Your Next Cloud-Based Web Application

Consider A Microservice ArchitectureBack in the day, most applications were conceived and developed as monoliths. All of the application’s functionality was part of a single, inseparable unit. Many web applications are still developed in this way, especially in the enterprise, but, aided by cloud technology, some companies are embracing the benefits of a microservice architecture — with Netflix being a leading example.

A microservice architecture consists of multiple small, discrete units of functionality that communicate with each other via simple APIs. Microservice architectures have some unique benefits — and some unique drawbacks — when compared to monolithic design paradigms. Read more »

Is Your Company Ready For The Internet Of Things?

Your Company Ready For Internet Of Things?The Internet Of Things, the development of which is currently in its early stages, is likely to have a substantial impact on the way we do business. Or so goes the popular IoT narrative. Whether you believe the hype or not, there’s no doubt that organizations need to think carefully about the ever increasing number of connected smart devices — devices used by their employees and customers, by the organizations they have relationships with, and, potentially, by the business itself. Read more »

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