Monthly Archives: February 2016

Is Your Website Obese? Here’s What You Can Do To Fix It

Is Your Website ObeseIt’s almost a little jarring, if you stop to think about it. Only two decades ago, the average size of a web page was 14.1 kilobytes. Anything larger was generally considered overdoing it.

As network technology improved and the Internet ingrained itself more and more into our lives, however, that number exploded – today, the average page hovers somewhere around 2 or 3 MB, and there’s no indication that this growth trend is going to stop anytime soon. Read more »

Cyberattacks Are Getting Worse – But How Can You Defend Against Them?

Cyber Attacks Are Getting WorseOn December 23, a large section of Ukraine went dark. The source wasn’t mechanical failure, nor was it human error. According to Ukrainian officials, it was a cyber-attack, the source of which was reportedly Russia.

To make matters worse, a more recent attack against Kiev’s main airport probably originated from the same source. Read more »

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