Monthly Archives: January 2016

Why The Consumer Electronics Show Should Matter To CTOs

Why CES Should Matter To CTOsIt’s been a few weeks since this year’s consumer electronics show wrapped up. Businesses from all over the tech industry showed up to strut their stuff. Although most of what was showcased was (not surprisingly) consumer tech, it nevertheless spanned industries as diverse as healthcare, automotives, and virtual reality. Read more »

The Worst Data Breaches Of 2015

Worst Data Breaches Of 2015It can get kind of exhausting, trying to keep up with all the data breaches surfacing in the media. It seems like almost every other week, there’s some new crisis in circulation; a new leak, hack, or exploit that puts our personal information at risk. Some are worse than others – a hospital losing a few thousand patient names versus a bank losing hundreds of thousands of financial records, but every breach of private data has the potential to wreak considerable emotional and financial harm on the people concerned.

Today, we’re going to take a look back at some of the worst data breaches we saw this year. Hopefully, as we move forward into 2016, we don’t start seeing incidents that top them (though we probably will). Read more »

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