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The Five Most Common Rookie Mistakes In CentOS, And How To Avoid Them

Common Mistakes In CentOSNobody’s perfect. And in the world of network and server administration, mistakes tend to be all-too-common – especially when you’re into your third night of troubleshooting hopped up on enough caffeine to put a Starbucks franchise out of business. Of course, there are some mistakes not even a sleep-deprived, overworked sysadmin will make; novice errors that no one in their right mind would fall victim to.

You haven’t bumbled into any of these, right? Read more »

Ten Of The Best Cheat Sheets For First Time Linux Admins

Ten Best Linux Cheat SheetsWe live in a world where most operating systems can be navigated with a few clicks, taps, or swipes. To many, Linux seems almost to hail from another century, perhaps even another civilization. Small wonder that even some Linux administrators have trouble keeping all the commands and language they have to use in their day-to-day. Read more »

What Does The 2015 State Of The Sysadmin Survey Say About Your Career?

2015 State Of Sysadmin SurveyIf you’re a sysadmin, there’s a good chance you fall into one of two camps. Either you feel appreciated and well-liked within your organization, or you believe most people within your business simply see you as a walking band-aid for their technical problems. Unfortunately, as it turns out, there really isn’t a whole lot of middle ground there. Read more »

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