Monthly Archives: September 2015

Will Bimodal IT Be Your Business’ Route To The Cloud?

Bimodal IT Route To CloudWhen I talk to businesses about their plans for cloud deployment, a frequent response is that they’d love to reap the benefits of the cloud, but that their company’s IT department isn’t organized in a way that makes it possible.

Traditionally, IT departments have been all about stability and availability — it’s their job to keep things running smoothly come what may. Risk aversion is deeply ingrained. While it’s certainly possible to maintain these IT virtues in the cloud, to leverage the cloud to its fullest advantage requires a more flexible, agile approach that may not mesh well with traditional IT. Read more »

Brute Force Attacks On WordPress Are At An All-Time High: How To Protect Yourself

Brute Force Attacks On WordPressAccording to security firm Sucuri, brute force attacks targeting WordPress have recently seen a sharp increase – and they show no signs of slowing. In the second week of September, they ballooned to 35 million attacks per day – up from 5 million at the beginning of the year. Read more »

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