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Which Industries Stand To Gain The Most From Cloud Computing?

Industries That Gain From The CloudThere can be no doubt that cloud computing has forced an evolution in how we do business. Never before has a technological development so greatly affected how we work, connect, and communicate. Virtually every field in the world has felt the impact of the cloud to one degree or another.

Some, however, have been faced with so fundamental a change that many have no idea how to keep up. That isn’t a bad thing, believe it or not. Although these industries felt the greatest shift at the hands of the cloud, they’ve also the most to gain by embracing it. Read more »

What’s The Difference Between Cloud Scaling And Cloud Bursting?

Cloud Bursting Vs Cloud Scaling“The Cloud” is probably the biggest buzz phrase in tech right now – or really, any field, if you think about it. It’s no surprise, really. Cloud computing is actually a lot more complex than most people think; an amalgamation of several different technologies and services designed to make the user’s life easier.

It’s a lot easier to just talk about “the cloud” than describing each individual component, no?

Unfortunately, that means that cloud computing is, in many cases, both ill-defined, and poorly understood. Too many people – both within enterprise and without – have only a vague idea of what cloud computing is and does; this leads to a great deal of confusion when the time comes to discuss some of the finer points of cloud computing’s functionality. Read more »

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