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Estimating Your Dedicated Server’s Resource Requirements

Dedicated ServersSo, your business has outgrown its shared hosting account. The resources provided by that plan simply aren’t enough to meet your needs any longer; you need something bigger. Something better.

You need a dedicated server.

Simple awareness isn’t enough here. You can’t just march up to a host and tell them you need a dedicated server without understanding the resource requirements. That’s a surefire recipe for disaster—either you’ll select a server that isn’t powerful enough, and everything slows to a crawl, or you’ll run with one that’s too powerful, and break your budget. Read more »

Is There Such A Thing As An Optimal Virtualization Config?

Optimal Virtualization ConfigBefore cloud computing changed the world, virtualization paved the way. It’s really no secret that the former serves more or less as the backbone of the latter – the technology is a fundamental component of cloud computing. It equips cloud providers with the capacity to virtually partition and provision the data on their server, allowing them to give each client their own virtualized instance of the necessary software or hardware.

It’s not entirely surprising, then, that modern virtualization has found its primary home in the cloud. That isn’t to say that’s the only thing it’s good for these days –  it’s an incredibly powerful technology in its own right. By making use of virtualization outside of the cloud, one can create a hardware-independent operating environment, a process which offers very real benefits, particularly in the development space. Read more »

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