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Why Is Cloud Computing Law So Far Behind, And What Can Be Done To Fix it?

Cloud Computing LawBelieve it or not, the greatest challenge facing cloud computing is only tangentially related to security. I’m talking, of course, about the law. Governmental institutions and lawmakers have proven time and again that they’re woefully behind the times, confused about just what cloud computing is – and what it entails.

It’s a complicated problem, and there’s no easy solution.  Our society’s never seen anything like the cloud; our legal system has never had to change with the sort of rapidity demanded by modern technology. We’ve been playing catch-up for well over a decade, and that seems unlikely to change soon.

The problem is threefold. Read more »

Identifying The Three Different Cloud Service Models

Identifying Cloud ServicesContrary to popular opinion, cloud computing is by no means a monolithic technology. That’s precisely what makes it so powerful and prolific – if it were only useful in a narrow range of situations, then I doubt it would have gained such widespread acceptance as it has. Unfortunately, the multifaceted nature of cloud computing can actually end up serving as a barrier to adoption if one’s organization doesn’t understand the service models available to them.

Let’s see if we can’t clear the waters a bit. Read more »

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