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Speed And Reliability Are The Cornerstones Of Any Successful Website

6244022171_a5325c25ed_bWhat do you look for when deciding which web hosting company to entrust with your business’s site? If you asked a hundred small and medium business owners what their criteria for choosing hosting is, you’d get many different answers, but they cluster around a few key factors:

  • Price.

  • Extra features: one-click install, backup, unlimited bandwidth, management, etc.

  • The quality of branding and on-site copy. Read more »

Varnish Can Significantly Improve The Performance Of WordPress

The vast majority of sites on the web today use content management systems. The benefits are obvious: they remove the need to tangle with code, make it easy for non-technical people to run a site, and usually provide all the extensions you could ever need for adding functionality.

But, for all those benefits, there’s something of a trade-off. Content management systems like Joomla! and WordPress are dynamic site generators. Every time a user requests a page, it is generated on the fly. There are various ways of doing this, but the most common method — and the one used by WordPress — is by executing PHP code and making database requests. From a functionality perspective, that’s incredibly powerful, but the downside is that each stage in generating a page takes time. Compared to static sites, where everything is pre-made, dynamic sites can be slow — and that’s bad for users and for conversions. Read more »

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