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Cloud Servers Are The Perfect Solution For Seasonal eCommerce Surges

2131995373_c2c697e510_zWe’re getting to the time of year when shopping will be on the mind of most American families. Black Friday is just around the corner and Christmas will be upon us before we know it. Brick-and-mortar stores will be thronging with gift buyers and eCommerce stores will see more traffic than at any other time of the year. And, therein lies a problem.

For eCommerce businesses in a market with seasonal traffic spikes, managing infrastructure provisioning so that stores stay stable, available, and perform well is of prime concern. But, maintaining a great experience on a site all year round can also mean having a lot of wasted capacity at slower times of the year. Read more »

Protect Your Brands As New gTLDs Come Online

4848301878_6f678cd4d8_oThe web is about to undergo one of the biggest upheavals in the way it is organized in decades. Since its inception, ICANN has kept a tight grip on the number of top-level domains. Over the next few months the number of generic top-level domains is going to explode. ICANN has been slowly working its way through a long list of applications for the management of new generic top-level domains. The process is coming to a conclusion and soon registrars will be able to start taking registrations for a significantly expanded range of gTLDs.

The new gTLDs, of which there will eventually be hundreds, introduce tremendous branding opportunities for businesses, but they also have the potential to cause headaches if companies are not properly prepared. Read more »

Digital Rights Management To Be Included In HTML5.1

Earlier this month, the Worldwide Web Consortium announced that it will be working on standards that may lead to the inclusion of digital rights management in HTML 5.1. While W3C has no formal status as a standards body and browser manufacturers are free to ignore their recommendations, it seems likely that in the future we’ll see digital rights management included in the HTML video standards via the Encrypted Media Extensions (EME). Read more »

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